Security qubes device


If i plug usb’s in my qubes os they appaer in " qubes devices" they arent assigned to a vm yet. But can they compromise each other in the “qubes devices”?
I’ve read that plugged in usb’s will be in a isolated vm called ‘sys-usb’ so all the sticks will start in the same vm right? then malware can compromise from 1 usb to another?

It’s not about devices or ports. It’s about controllers. If all controllers are in one sys-usb, then yes, all controllers are endangered. So, you want to create one sys-usb per controller.

thank you for your reply.
i dont have sys-usb. When i installed qubes os the installation process said : ’ i have a keybord connected so sys-usb is disabled’

So when i connect multiply usb to qubes os they all appaer in the “qubes devices” tab so basically they are all in the same vm right? so they can compromise each other? or arnt they connected to anything so malware cant spread?