Screenshot in dom0

Hi all,

since 4.1 there is no screenshot tool in dom0 anymore. Is there a suitable substitute? Preferably endorsed by qubes developers?

You should be able to use the standard xfce screenshot tool (hit PrintScreen button). The file will be saved in dom0.
See also: How to copy from dom0 | Qubes OS.

Alternatively (AFAIK not yet endorsed by the Qubes developers):

Related issue:

Hi @qubesfan35267,
in 4.1, the XFCE screenshot tool works well for me.

Also from Main XFCE Menu > System Tools > Screenshot. In general, I copy the captured region to clipboard.

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So thank you all for your replies. I just figured that the screenshot tool is still available under the XFCE environment - I am working under PLASMA and it just does not show there. Was not aware of this so I installed deepin-screenshot and it works really awesome under PLASMA.