Samsung T7 external USB drive

Bought this a while back when i was traveling as backup option but never come around to use it.
Today i tried to get it running with Qubes, realized it has a hw locking mechanism i don’t care about and Disabled Locking mechanism via Android.
Now Qubes does not like it all.
Took another Notebook with another flavor of Linux, switching mbr/gpt, formatting (ext4), mounting and writing to it works there.
When i plug it back into Qubes, it is mounted under /dev/sda.
The partition /dev/sda1 is not available to be send to a appVM, just /dev/sda.
If i send /dev/sda to the appVM, /dev/sda1 is also listed as available in the appVM and can be mounted but that leads to,

$ sudo touch /mnt/aa
touch: cannot touch ‘/mnt/aa’: Input/output error

Qubes Devices Selector should list the Partition but does not.

My wild guess, even though the hw touch locking mechanism of the drive is disabled it blocks Qubes from seeing the partition.

Do you have a sys-usb qube? If yes, try to manage your USB drive there, without attaching anywhere. It should work just like on a regular Linux.

Thanks for the hint! My logic sector failed me once again >.<

For some reason parted in sys-usb is extremely slow on my USB3, like super duper mega slow, waiting over 5min right now on partition table change.
It errored out and i canceled, went into USB2 port and parted works normally again.
Switched table to gpt and was able to create and format partition to ext4.
Mounting and write into /dev/sda1 works too.

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