`salt`: `qvm.vm` - howto configure `provides-network: true`

One of my *.sls contains something aling the lines of

VPN sys VM setup:
     - name: sys-vpn
     - network-vm: sys-firewall
     - provides-network: true

I am consolidating my stuff into unsing the qvm.vm umbrella state, where the network-vm bit may be integrated as so

VPN sys VM:
     - name: sys-vpn
    - present:
      - template: debian-12
      - label: red
      - flags: 
        - net
    - prefs:
      - netvm: sys-firewall

but I fail to discern how to integrate the provides-network bit into this. Is that currently not possible?

At the end of the Qubes Salt documentation:

you have 2 usefull links:

from the first link:

Wrapper to contain all VM state functions.

that means that the preferences in qvm-prefs are the same as the one in qvm.vm: -prefs.

    - prefs:
        - netvm: sys-firewall
        - provides-network: true

In your qvm.prefs you have: - network-vm: sys-firewall
Shouldn’t be: - netvm: sys-firewall ??

I don’t use Salt, so maybe both works.

From the second link, you got examples of *.sls used by Qubes:
e.g. for sys-net:

Yes, it should.
But @balin1 does say “contains something aling the lines of”

On the original question:

It is possible, and it works as expected.
Since you havent provided an example, I cant tell where you are going
What makes you think it does not work?

So I just use the - network-vm: sys-firewall bit under - prefs and it appears to work indeed. Thank you. docs are a bit light on the subject.

What version of the salt tools are you using?
Are you sure that this is doing anything at all? On 4.1 the salt call
using - network-vm: is silently ignored. (Which looks like a bug.)

Have you resolved the original issue setting provides-network?

You are so right. template_for_dispvms and many others are also ignored… without documentation I can find…