Salt: How to install fedora minimal template with `qvm.template_installed`?

I am trying to use salt to install qubes-template-fedora-34-minimal to dom0, using the default repository.

But I don’t know what is the name of the default repository. I tried current but that doesn’t work.

I made a /srv/salt_user/template-fedora.sls file by adapting shaker/template-fedora-34-minimal.sls at main · unman/shaker · GitHub

        - name: qubes-template-fedora-34-minimal
        - fromrepo: current

Then I applied the state with:

[user@dom0 ~]$ sudo qubesctl state.apply \
    template-fedora-minimal saltenv=user

I get an error that says [Qrexec] Error: Unknown repo: 'current'.

What should be the name of the default repository?

If I delete the - fromrepo: current line in the .sls file, I get another error:

qvm-tempate: error: 
    Template `qubes-template-fedora-34-minimal` not found.

But I think qubes-template-fedora-34-minimal is the correct name of the template.

The name is qubes-templates-itl and you didn’t have to change it.

[user@dom0 ~]$ cat /etc/qubes/repo-templates/qubes-templates.repo
name = Qubes Templates repository
#baseurl =$releasever/templates-itl
baseurl = http://yum.qubesosfasa4zl44o4tws22di6kepyzfeqv3tg4e3ztknltfxqrymdad.onion/r$releasever/templates-itl
#metalink =$releasever/templates-itl/repodata/repomd.xml.metalink
enabled = 1
fastestmirror = 1
metadata_expire = 7d
gpgcheck = 1
gpgkey = file:///etc/qubes/repo-templates/keys/RPM-GPG-KEY-qubes-$releasever-primary

name = Qubes Templates repository
#baseurl =$releasever/templates-itl-testing
baseurl = http://yum.qubesosfasa4zl44o4tws22di6kepyzfeqv3tg4e3ztknltfxqrymdad.onion/r$releasever/templates-itl-testing
#metalink =$releasever/templates-itl-testing/repodata/repomd.xml.metalink
enabled = 0
fastestmirror = 1
gpgcheck = 1
gpgkey = file:///etc/qubes/repo-templates/keys/RPM-GPG-KEY-qubes-$releasever-primary

name = Qubes Community Templates repository
#baseurl =$releasever/templates-community
baseurl = http://yum.qubesosfasa4zl44o4tws22di6kepyzfeqv3tg4e3ztknltfxqrymdad.onion/r$releasever/templates-community
#metalink =$releasever/templates-community/repodata/repomd.xml.metalink
enabled = 0
fastestmirror = 1
metadata_expire = 7d
gpgcheck = 1
gpgkey = file:///etc/qubes/repo-templates/keys/RPM-GPG-KEY-qubes-$releasever-templates-community

name = Qubes Community Templates repository
#baseurl =$releasever/templates-community-testing
baseurl = http://yum.qubesosfasa4zl44o4tws22di6kepyzfeqv3tg4e3ztknltfxqrymdad.onion/r$releasever/templates-community-testing
#metalink =$releasever/templates-community-testing/repodata/repomd.xml.metalink
enabled = 0
fastestmirror = 1
gpgcheck = 1
gpgkey = file:///etc/qubes/repo-templates/keys/RPM-GPG-KEY-qubes-$releasever-templates-community
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I didn’t know I can check /etc/qubes/repo-templates/qubes-templates.repo

But I still get the same error:

template ‘qubes-template-fedora-34-minimal’ not found.

        - name: qubes-template-fedora-34-minimal
        - fromrepo: qubes-templates-itl

When I use fedora-34-minimal, I don’t immediately get an error. The command is still running.

I get that name from [user@dom0 ~]$ qvm-template list

And I get a new error:

          ID: template-fedora-minimal
    Function: qvm.template_installed
        Name: fedora-34-minimal
      Result: False
     Comment: Failed to install template fedora-34-minimal. Additional info follows:
              Error canonicalizing file: Payload forged!
              Downloading 'qubes-template-fedora-34-minimal-0:4.0.6-202110020922'...
              ERROR: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 

This may be because of interrupted download.

How to fix that? This salt thing is super slow.

Just try to run salt again so it’ll download template again. I don’t know if there is a way to retry the partial download if it’s failed.

I apply the salt state again. When the command is still running, I check the /root/.cache/qvm-template/tmpxxxx/

The tmp folder is completely empty and I dont see the rpm for the fedora minimal template.

It is not downloading.

Usually, when I update the qubes, it would download things through whonix.

Maybe the salt method won’t work if the update has happened through whonix?

Do you see any network activity in sys-whonix → Nyx when you’re running salt state?
Also I don’t know about salt but qvm-template don’t download template in dom0 filesystem file but directly in stdout:

As for downloading - if the service would download directly to stdout,
instead of to file that is later send over another qrexec call

how to do that?

xentop in dom0 says the NETS, NETTX(k), and NETRX(k) columns are all zeros for all VMs.

If your dom0 updatevm is sys-whonix then open Nyx app in sys-whonix. Or run nyx command in sys-whonix terminal.

Nyx in sys-whonix says it is downloading something.

You can wait until it finish or if it’ll fail you can check if the network activity in nyx will stop.

It worked. I deleted the fromrepo line.

But I feel it is much slower than directly running qubes-dom0-update. I haven’t timed qubes-dom0-update yet.

I removed the fedora-34-minimal template, following the instruction at Qube troubleshooting | Qubes OS

$ sudo qvm-remove fedora-34-minimal

And then I install it again…

$ sudo qubes-dom0-update qubes-template-fedora-34-minimal

And get the payload forged error. qubes-dom0-update is even slower than salt this time.

If, on the other hand, the template came pre-installed or was installed by installing a template package in dom0, per the instructions above, then you must execute the following type of command in dom0 in order to uninstall it:

$ sudo dnf remove qubes-template-<DISTRO_NAME>-<RELEASE_NUMBER>

qubes-template-<DISTRO_NAME>-<RELEASE_NUMBER> is the name of the desired template package.