Salt for newbies

Hi all,

I’d like to use salt to manage my qubes, however I feel the documentation is lacking in this area.
Perhaps someone can share how to achieve following:

  • clone templateVM
  • install packages in templateVM
  • clone github repository
  • run a command in qube (eg. make rpm)
  • copy file from one qube to another (without prompt)
  • copy file from qube to dom0
  • copy file from dom0 to qube
  • remove file (cleanup)
  • create qube based on X template
  • remove qube (cleanup)
  • run arbitrary command in dom0
  • run arbitrary command in template/app vm

Also, how to make steps sequential (eg. create VM, run command in it, copy file from it, remove that VM).

Kind regards,

I can help!
watch this → Intro to Qubes OS by @xn0px90 (OnlyFeet Con 2022 public talks) - YouTube
Then contact me on discord for a free quick 1 on 1 session if you like.
info here → GitHub - xn0px90/Awesome-Qubes-OS: A collection of awesome Qubes OS links
at the bottom you will discord or matix bridge option.

Let’s do this!
You got this!
Qubes-OS will change your life if you stick with it!

Check out unman’s salt notes

I only started checking them out myself so no idea if they cover
everything you want