Run a program on the GUI Dom?

I have used Qubes in the past and just saw that version 4.1 is released, yay! One of the changes that have been added is the GUI Dom - I have not seen any non-official information about it and have a few questions:

1. Is the GUI DOM in a stable place today?

2. Can I install software on the GUI DOM?

Why do I want to do this? I would like to use software called Parsec in the GUI DOM - this software allows me to remote into a remote computer with very low latency, RDP, Spice and others do not even come close in comparison.

My issue is that I only have one Dedicated GPU and I need it to effectively connect to External monitors. So I need Parsec and to share the GPU with whatever system displays an image on the screen.

Is this possible?

As mentioned in the announcement, it’s still an experimental feature and is therefore opt-in for now.

(Not sure about your use case, sorry.)

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Thanks for the reply adw - follow up question:

I have followed the steps to enable the DOM:

qubesctl top.enable qvm.sys-gui
qubesctl top.enable qvm.sys-gui pillar=True
qubesctl --all state.highstate

This yields the new sys-gpu - but I am unable to get it to actually do anything.

I am not trying to achieve GPU pass-through, for gaming or whatever - I want to change the desktop environment to gnome, well as tweak the background and icons.

I haven’t tried this feature myself yet, so I have no idea, sorry. I hope someone else can help you out.

As a general tip, however, you should provide more information than this:

This is really unhelpful to anyone trying to help you diagnose and solve your problem. Help us help you.