Routing template VM through Mullvad?

Maybe I’ve misunderstood but I currently have my librewolf and qbitorrent setup in separate standalone VMs. I understand the concept off template VMs and how you can install software within them, which is in turn made accessible to the app VMs under it, those having persistent homes but volatile roots. I just want all my traffic, with the exception of tor to be routed through Mullvad and was under the impression that you can’t connect template VMs to a Mullvad App VM.

I suppose I could discontinue the Mullvad Wireguard App VM in favour for one of those multitude of options available. I just wanted some clarification on this.

You cannot connect template VMs to a Mullvad App VM for sure, because by default they shouldn’t have any direct internet access. But it’s possible to route all your AppVM’s ( except those torified, like anon-whonix ) traffic through a sys-vpn which has Mullvad installed. There are many guides on this forum about how to create a sys-vpn.