Retrieving data from a ssd

Hi everybody
I have been using qubes in an old Lenovo W530 that has been going famously. Famously that is until it died. So what I have is a healthy ssd with my qubes install on it. I have a few laptops that allow me to tinker but I cannot get this this ssd with my qubes install to work properly in any of them. I can boot into the qubes environment but I can’t get any qubes beyond sys-usb going for all sorts of reasons.

My question is, am I able to back up any of these qubes? I posted another question about back ups which I am clear about now. I am not near my machine now but I am thinking that from the environment where I have at least sys-usb going would I be able to back up my qubes with storage attached to sys-usb in this setting?

I am learning the very hard way about backing up my data. I have been too busy forging ahead tinkering and trusting the hardware too much. My only saving grace is that all of my hds are new so, while I have the data, I have to see if I can get to it.

Thanks for any help of course. Learning hard lessons as I go.

Yes you can backup any of your qubes.

Thanks for the reply. In the end I didn’t pull it off. It wouldn’t allow me to attach a storage device to sys-usb no matter what I did. I just cut my losses in the end. But I’ve learnt some valuable lessons.

You can’t attach USB device to sys-usb because it’s already in sys-usb by default.

Yes, I read this after I posted. Thing is that I couldn’t find the memory stick attached anywhere, and believe me I looked.

Its academic now however as I installed another qubes over the top of this one now so at least I’ve rid myself of another wrestle when I get home from work this afternoon!

Hi use
Boot it using an usb stick of tftp if your laptop does not want to boot from usb for some reason.
Here you can open the luks-crypt and lvm mount all the virtual machine images which sit in /var/vm or the like iirc.
So mount the LVM individually and extract your data.

I have done this stunt some times to clean up the smoking debris of a qubes that died from a full hard disk e.g, as some stuff did not write well and the qubes manager did not want to run my VMs.

Qubes is best method to get you deeper into yak brushing than any other linux distribution you may dream of.

Thanks for that tip. Too late now. I did try the rescue option on the qubes installer but it was useless. Next time.

You’re right about qubes!

With Qubes-OS 3.2 one needs to loop mount the vm images, which are loop images, which I enjoyed more, as I was rescuing data from a dead qubes-3.2 installation.

mount -o loop /var/vm/some_dir/private_stuff.img /mnt/13

Here using loop-aes would have been a good addition to additionally crypt
a private file of a qube vm.

But 4.x uses lvm images, so there is no loop-aes possible.

Always have s stick with kali linux in your pocket you never know if you need its powers today.
( would need a patched kernel, but “nobody” uses loop-aes)