Restore VM's from broken Qubes

Hi, my qubes died and I need to move/migrate the VM’s to another system. I didn’t make a backup. How and what to copy?


From a linux livecd, you can unlock the LUKS volume and then you have access to all qubes partitions, you will have to mount them one by one to retrieve data inside.

This is clear even to a schoolchild. I need to import vm’s into a new system. I don’t need the data inside, I need the cube in full, I want to import it as a backup. When qubes makes a backup, it probably performs complex operations and collects data into an archive. You can’t just copy data from one place and put it in another.

Unfortunately I do not think you can just restore a qubes os system like this, the backup tool gather the according metadata of each qube and its content.

The data are there of course, but I don’t think there is a documentation somewhere explaining how to manually copy a qube by copying a logical volume in LVM and copying files from another dom0 into /etc :confused:

Qubes backups docs direct to details of the backup process, but handling at the lvm/btrfs level sounds quicker and simpler.

From a quick test:

  1. create qubes A and B
  2. write a custom file to qube A’s home
  3. shutdown A
  4. cp /var/lib/qubes/appvms/{A,B}/private.img in dom0
  5. run B
  6. custom file is present in B’s home

That may get you basic functionality but bypasses qubes, so I can’t guarantee it’ll be stable.

I had the idea of just moving /home to the new appvm, but I still have it in the old qubes standalone’s

Just moving data into qubes you’ve created on the new system would be sane.

In terms of metadata from your old qubes - e.g. tags - I don’t know if you need it and I don’t know much about it.