Resolution issue

Hi, I have a Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro 16 Gen 7 (without GPU). I’m having trouble with resolution: things are super tiny (the display resolution is 2560x1600). I partially solved the problem by increasing the DPI both in dom0 and in TemplateVMs but panel tray icons, dom0 menu and some applications in AppVMs continue to be too small.
In addition, since I configured manually the DPI, now when I connect an external display with a smaller resolution (1920x1080) things are too big :frowning:

Any way to do automatic scaling both in dom0 and in AppVMs?

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I do not think, there is any.

There is a super-old issue somewhere about high-resolution on github, from old times when KDE was a default desktop environment, and Joanna was developing Qubes OS.
Qubes OS is still very bad with high resolutions. And XFCE is not good with it, too.

I managed to make everything bigger for myself, it requires a lot of work in dom0 and all TemplateVMs. But I do not have second display with different DPI and, thus no related problems.

I have the same question @qubes_lover
did you find any solution since the last post?

Could you take a look at this link? This was recommended in HiDPI issues for 4.1

I followed this doc:

It’s now on the forum :slight_smile: