Reset after connecting external dock


I am using the latest testing dom0 and fedora-x64 template. My t14 laptop resets a few seconds after i connect the external thunderbolt dock.

No logs or panic were recorded while watching dmesg stream. Immediately, the laptop reboots into boot screen. If I boot the laptop with the dock attached, the same thing happens a few seconds after I log in through lightdm.

(Connecting an HDMI display through the built in HDMI port works fine. )

It is always reproducable. How can I debug it further, any suggestions?


This was happening after I have switched from sys-gui-gpu back to dom0 gui… Today I saw the popup `sys-gui-gpu starting’… after plugging the dock. This is probably an issue with my config that went undetected after the switch. So it can be fixed trivially, by fixing the device mapping or by deleting the vm mentioned.