Reproducible Overheating Crashes

Since a few weeks I experience crashes caused by overheating when using more the 2 vcups for a dedicated qubes whilst having high CPU load. Thoose crashes accrue for high cpu load jobs like zoom or compiling lager programs. For a crash to happen, high CPU load (98%-100%) is required for something between 5 and 30 minutes.

Can anybody second that?


  • I use a Lenovo T430 with Heads (Nitrokey)
  • Dust is removed and thermal paste is renewed
  • Qubes 4.1

What CPU are you using?

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Intel(R) Core™ i7-3840QM CPU @ 2.80GHz

I had this issue some time ago on one of my two T430’s. Replacing the delta-fan with a non-delta one fixed it. But I still have a delta one (less loud) in the second T430 without issue.

Basically: when it’s too hot it’s too hot. Ambient room temperature is a factor (I live in Texas). So I positioned my machine to be on a desk directly under the AC outlet in the ceiling.

Keep in mind: the T430 is designed for 35W CPUs. The i7–3840QM which you and I are using is a 45W CPU, so we are pushing it across it’s design limits from the start. :slight_smile: It works, but no question you need to keep this machine cool.

In any case this is not a software issue.


Thanks for your reply! You are probably right.

I was aware of my sub optimal cooling system, but I found this behavior appearing suddenly suspicious too.