Replacing the "Q" menu with the better "whisker menu"

edit: this does not work on the next Qubes release (R4.1) (see here)

Whisker menu is awesome (compared to the default XFCE one) and it doesn’t even have to be installed (it’s already there)

I think it’s comes already be installed on the system. So you can follow the following guide (from the Add the Whisker menu to your XFCE panel part only)

Replacing logo

Then you can also replace the “whiskers” icon with the qubes icon. Right-clicking on the whisker menu icon » properties » Icon

And then at the top of the window that pops up you select Location Icons and then there should be 4 little “Q” icons (blue, green, red and yellow/orange).


thanks a lot mate

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nice find, i wasn’t aware @deeplow! i’ve made a issue to see if maybe it can be default for R4.1:


I blame myself a bit for talking so long to making more people aware of this. (in part because of this). I should have opened a ticket ages ago as I’ve been using whisker menu for a long time on Qubes. Perhaps then if I had opened a ticket like this then…

Made a longer comment there.

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This does not seem to work in 4.1 (the upcoming Qubes version)

but as mamarek wrote there, you can still install it, because it is awesome!

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