Removing XFCE in dom0 / Replacing with i3wm

it’s just a quick test,

yes it is.

You can create a i3 groupid, and what package you need in there.

It doesn’t even have a template, so there’s no sys-net.

Not sure, It’s just a quick build, I’ll try tonight to build a better iso, and do it on my laptop.


Hey, thanks again! I am looking forward to hearing further!

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I’m doing it, but I don’t quite understand exactly how to do it?

take a look at my comps-dom0.xml and qubes-kickstart.cfg

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Thanks very much.Tell me, you mentioned some extra packages, which ones did you mean?
I am going to remove: gnome-bluetooth, gnome-bluetooth-libs, geoclue2, geolite2-city, geolite2-country, since I am not going to use that and it is not even in my laptop, I won’t break anything that way?
I’m not going to use the login manager and run Xorg with the xstart command, can I do it on Qubes?
I apologize for so many questions, I’m just really hooked on this topic, I appreciate it.

Thanks. I am having a difficulty in following, though. How would I use these .xml and .cfg files?

I’m not sure what you mean, can you quote it if it what i said ?

I’m not sure, it need to be tested.

I’ll try to write a guide about this in Playing with qubes, just follow the doc later.

I’m not good in explaining.

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Got it. Looking forward to.