Removing 20 character minimum limit for replies

By the way, I find requiring 20 min characters to be annoying and suggest removing this requirement.

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I also find this very frustrating. In general the discourse philosophy about this it to limit to 20 chars since:

  1. they want to encourage significant participation
  2. people have the like button
  3. each discourse post takes a lot of space (even if with only one word)

But the :heart: doesn’t really convey the message like a :+1: button would and they don’t have those reactions except with 3rd-party plugins.

And in general I find that most users actually find this annoying and end up going around the limitation (like you did) so I’d be also in favor of removing this.

yeah if it’s easy to remove then let’s do it. if we find quality of participation low we can make a post about it and re-implement if necessary.

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Done. I’ve set min post length to 1


Thanks! The heart reaction is also useful, but it’s much more ambiguous. There are some cases in which we want to be more explicit but also brief, such as important yes/no questions.

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