Reinstall Qubes root without losing VM

So i mess my Qubes root with something unfortunately unrecoverable.
I accidently formated dom0 LVM root logical partition, so the root partition is now empty.
But all the VM logical partition still there.
My question, is there a solution to reinstall just the dom0 root without formatting the entire drive and keep all of my VM ?
And how to do so ? Thanks in advance

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I managed to install the root without losing VM pool, and already attached vm-pool to the dom0 storage, but unfortunately now I dont know how to get back all of my VM. Any steps ?

so, just let me understand, if You run:
do You see all (logical) volumes?

The main issue will be recreating the qube definitions and then hacking
them to point to the existing volumes as necessary.
That will be time consuming and error prone if there are no backups,but
it could be done.
There’s not enough information to provide real advice.

Without backups, I would start by taking a backup of what is there. A
full backup,perhaps a disk clone. Secure the data that is there.
Depending on the set up, available disks and free space, you might be
able to shrink the existing partition, install to a new partition and
then start copying volumes across after recreating those qubes as best
you can.

There’s not enough information to provide real advice.
If the system had been salted you could recreate it,and then move data
in to the new qubes.
Otherwise it could be a long hard slog.
@danayaal - if you are still struggling, take a backup , then give
more detail about what you have in terms of available disks, free space,
and backups. (And how important the data in those qubes is.) All that
information is important in deciding what route to take.

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