Recovery shell (Lenovo T430)

My backup didn’t complete and has left a file so big my system doesn’t boot up. I only have access to the recovery shell. Can’t download a new qubes atm. How do I get to the file in question to delete it via the recovery shell? I’m new to coding so if there are multiple options please provide the one with less coding needed, if possible!!

Some more information - where is that file? In dom0, in some qube?
How have you got to “recovery shell”?

The file is in one the qubes. My T430 also has a nitrokey which it ask me to insert on boot up I skip that as I know it won’t boot and I’m faced with the usual user interface which has options for default boot, OEM factory reset and other options such as exit to recovery shell, which is what I select.

Thank you

Can someone confirm the coding language used in the shell please?

This is a duplicate of an on-going thread you opened:

Not quite, the question has changed. I’ll close the previous one.

It’s Heads specific - check here
The shell is busybox - it’s been a while but as I recall you had to use
cryptroot instead of cryptsetup to unlock encrypted drives.

What you need to do:
Unlock the encrypted drive.
Make sure that lv are active
Find the right volume for the target qube under /dev/qubes_dom0
Mount that volume and delete the file.