Reasonably Safe USB Keyboard Usage?

Is there a strategy for a reasonably worry-free usage of a USB keyboard with Qubes?

As I understand it, the fear is that if your input comes from sys-usb, a malicious USB device could compromise it, and cause spurious keypresses to be generated compromising everything or it could just sniff any input that passes through it.

I get this, but if I have a Qubes laptop and want to use an external keyboard for comfort, how unsafe is it to use provided:

  • It is enabled only after using a manual prompt in dom0,
  • It is not used for LUKS or login,
  • It is never used to type passwords, passphrases, or anything that’s maximally sensitive
  • It is disabled in some manner when not in use (not entirely sure if the permission can be withdrawn, or if you need to plug it out or use the screen locker)

Based on my heavily newb-y, reading of the docs this seems to mitigate most of the security concerns. How reasonably safe is this in general? Have I horribly misunderstood how all of this works?