Realized that qubes virtualization is

…far superior to the competition such as kvm.

Since my new laptop has a new nvidia card which does not work quite well, I tried to seek an alternative to Qubes OS for better compatibility. But the more I researched on the topic, I realized that Xen is way better than KVM in the context of thin provisioning and resource usage when compared to KVM. Thin pools are not supported by KVM at all. I had to go through all the manual config to trick the KVM to work on a thin provisioned volume. But wait… there’s no templating, no backups, nothing… And KVM on my laptop introduced new stability issues such as suspend/resume problems.

So for me it was sufficient to conclude that Qubes is great for daily development. And its backup/restore feature is great for migrating to different hardware.

Thanks once again and please keep up the good work!!