Re: [qubes-users] Firefox Account SyncVM

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to find a way to sync firefox bookmarks but I do not want to use firefox account. So my question to all of you is:
Does anyone knows if there is a possible way to create local account that will be hosted on standalone VM so I could connect all Firefox Apps to connect to that source ans sync bookmarks, plugins, etc. The whole point here is to keep all bookmarks in safe place that same way some people keep their passwords keys etc.
Maybe if there is no such a solution someone could start new project? I would do that myself, but currently do not have advanced coding skills :frowning:

Thanks for all replays

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Bookmarks should get you relevant posts, and links to some sample
The biggest danger is that your bookmarks will carry identifying
information between qubes, breaking the isolation model. If you plan for
this and are aware of the risks then you can adopt anything between
storing/syncing whole profiles between one “storage” qube and other
qubes, and copy/pasting bookmarks from storage qube in to other firefox
qubes as needed.

A “storage” qubes for bookmarks would need to be “charged” with bookmarks from various other qubes, which is both cumbersome and potentially risky.

So why not use a cloud system, such as the Bookmark app for Nextcloud, which is convenient for that and seems to be available for Android too. The only risk I see is that the owner of different VMs may be identified as the same. But if the problem is anonymity at this level, then, when required, it is better to use a Wonix qube with a different list of bookmarks.