Re: [qubes-users] Adding new kernels to iso?

I tried opening the link in question on three different occasions and it required me to log in on all of them, which is why I asked for the summary.

I agree that linking to a resource that does not (even occasionally) require login should be preferred. People looking to Qubes for security often do so to have a secure environment for privacy-enhancing tools such as Tor, so it’s reasonable to expect that a lot of them don’t have Google account.On Sep 19, 2020 14:53, unman wrote:

On Fri, Sep 18, 2020 at 09:39:30PM +0200, Ond??ej Fiala wrote:

Please read more carefully next time – “Since I don’t have Google account
which seems to be required to view the initial discussion (as linked in the
first post of the thread
)”. The first post says “continuing from discussion
at [link to Google groups]” without explaining anything…

It really isn’t true that you need a google account to read google
I connect over Tor, and rarely use groups- much prefer to use the mail
archive ( and you could easily have done this instead of posting snitty
comments). On the rare occasions that I have to use google groups,
other than enabling jscript, I connect just fine.
I realise that other users have reported a log in requirement - all I’m
saying is that it isn’t universally applied.

For the record, google groups for qubes-users is available at:
and this provides a searchable archive

It would be desirable if every one linked to the mail archive - is there
any chance that this could become the default?
(Also, the documentation should do this by default too.)

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