Re installing template stalls

I am trying to re-install my Debian-11 template with the official documentation - using the automatic method.

The template downloads properly, installs properly, but when it comes to importing data it errors out.

The Errors are a variety of Python errors with the notable warnings being: " qubesadmin.exc.QubesException: Dat import failed: not enough data (copied XXXX bytes, expected XXXX bytes)

In ideal solution to my post would be a complete replacement of the Debian template - It had some software added to it and may have been compromised.

You probably already have another debian-11 template with the different private and/or system storage size then the default. If you do, rename it and install new one, instead to reinstall. It’s better to use qvm-template-gui, visually things are much clearer.
There’s no workaround to this, as far as I know (because you cant decrease storage size at the moment to equal it to default)

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