Re: [EXT] [qubes-users] Qubes Installer needs update (Part 1 of 3)


Eventually I could solve the problem (using another Linux System):
For reasons completely unknown to me the partitions I had created
manually were not retained (I had a small second partition, and I had
erased both partitions created a second larger partition and two more):
However after successful installation the old partitions were back AND
LVM complained that the physical volume inside the LUKS is larger than
the partition. That was the clue I needed! So I checked the partitions
and found the partition was not what I had created (but the PV was the
one I had created). I could suspect anaconda reading the partition table
first, and then writing it back for no good reason (I said _I_ will
provide partitions).
Well the fix was (time consuming): I created the partitions from the
"other" Linux, then booted the installer again and did yet another
install. Now it booted! From SSD. Now really fast :sunglasses:

So Qubes OS did not give a good error message when encountering that bug!