[rc4.2] QManager right click update dom0

  1. Should following findings be posted here or is it enough to post them here?

  2. when i try to update dom0 the classic way, right click in Qubes Manager > update nothing happens.
    Trying to start Q update Manager GUI fails afterwards, nothing happens for a long time until a pop up says, “Command ‘[’/usr/bin/qubes-dom0-updater’,‘–clean’,‘–gui’]’ returned non zero exit status. 1.
    And then Qubes update manager GUI will not start up.
    Update: Now the Xterm window poped up (much time passed) showing all the updates needed to be done and awaiting y/N, as in it already has downloaded everything without showing me the xterm window doing the search and download.

  3. Traveling atm with notebook and only rc installed, on my desktop i always have dom0 terminal running upon boot but now i wonder if i was able to get a dom0 terminal via qube tray icon like i can for appVMs.
    Adding to favorites makes it easier and faster for those wondering the same.

Thanks for asking. The Issue tracking page contains general guidance on when to report issues. To me, your second item looks appropriate for the issue tracker, whereas the third item sounds like more of a question or discussion topic.

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