Rate my opsec

I don’t understand this.

Why have you not answered my questions?

@CenUriPaa3378 How did you manage to install andox ? Any tutorial to recommend ?

I tried a while back ago, and was a pretty painful experience

What happens if you run sudo qubes-dom0-update from command line in dom0?
Do you see the 3isec Qubes dom0 repository being updated?
Are there any errors?

I don’t get any errors, just a white page that download things, the page close itself, then I got a new line in the terminal.

I actually didn’t setup my Anbox yet because i’m already killing my brain trying to install pi-hole

Again, you have not answered the question(s).
Did you follow the instructions at https://qubes.3isec.org/tasks.html?

  1. Did you add the repository definition given there to dom0?
  2. Did you validate my key and import it in to dom0?
  3. Did you import the key to the rpm keyring?
  4. Run qubes-task list - observe result
  5. Run qubes-task install pihole - observe result

Let us know answers to 1-3, and result output from 4 and 5.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

hello, finally I downloaded Pi-hole with success on a StandaloneVM. The problem is that I can’t modify the qubes firewall user script file because it’s in read only, same for unbound, I can’t create the pi hole conf file. Any thought? I can’t find a way to write new things.

“The second identity is actually ( Working trough basic app such as Telegram, Discord & Snapchat. ) :”

how did you manage to get snap to work?!

best way to install librewolf?

Well, this is pretty straight forward.
When you are using a Debian template then follow the official instruction here: Installation instructions for Debian or if you prefer Fedora.