Random shutdowns triggered by USB devices state changes

Since upgrading to the latest Qubes release, I have a bug I haven’t been able to chase down.
The machine randomly starts a 30 second countdown to shutdown.

It seems to be associated with USB events such as plugging in a peripheral or moving the mouse. Yet, I can’t replicate it. It happens at random. Sometimes, it happens in spurts, several times an hour. Sometimes it doesn’t happen for days at a time.

I’m using KDE. I’ve disabled all the automatic shutdown triggers. It doesn’t seem to be associated with anything like that.

Any ideas what else might be causing this?

Maybe it’s a hardware issue and when you plug/unplug USB device it’ll cause power surge or EMI which leads to the voltage spike on Power button or somewhere else on motherboard which generates Power button press signal.

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Maybe, but it seemed to have started since upgrading to 4.1.2. It wasn’t happening prior on the same hardware.

Hi Emily,
I have the same problem since 4.1.2 with KDE :frowning: Did you find a way to fix it?
Maybe we should report this a bug on github…

It had something to do with overheating. As soon as the overheating problem was solved, it went away.