R4.2 submenu editor?

It sometimes takes me quite a while just to locate the VM/app that I want from the menu and in scrolling the list up and down, most of the time, the list collapses once or twice before I finally locate what I actually wanted. This results in wasted time just trying to launch the app I need.

Under R4.1 I was able to use Alacarte menu editor to tweak the menus/submenus for each VM so that I could organize the applications for the most-used and to group similar applications that I tended to use together as a set, with separators to further distinguish those blocks of applications. Say, when in writing mode vs coding mode the application sets I tend to use are completely different.

Under R4.2 this no longer seems to work and I can’t find any functionality in the supplied settings or dom0 applications to be able to organize a long list of applications that appear to only list alphabetically.

I realize that the new menu system has a “favorites” area, but this is not really practical when you use so many different applications in different VM’s. If I use this feature then I would then need a way to group the favorites list as well. So, it doesn’t solve my problem.

Q: Is there any way under this new 4.2 menu architecture to rearrange the sub-menus? If so I’m just not finding it. Any advise on reorganizing menus would be greatly appreciated.

I really don’t want to have to edit all the embedded names of all the menu .desktop entries just to get them to sort differently, because any updates coming through would just destroy that organization by replacing the *.desktop files. At this point I don’t really see any other way to accomplish what I need.