QWT woes, feature requests and possible crowdfunding?

Say, if we had a budget and a developer willing to take the task, what would our wishlist be?
Mine is simple:

  1. Video driver performance.
    I have no idea why every other emulator has a decent screen driver – vmware, virtualbox, whatever – but we don’t. It’s a big showstopper. (*)
  2. Frictionless installation to a template. Don’t know if it got any better with the latest QWT or if it still requires manual steps.
  3. Update notifications, update proxy, and all the normal update support.
  4. Optional telemetry disable and performance tuning as a part of the installation process.

(*) I do not expect the seamless mode to work anytime soon. The way “composite” app windows are handled is totally incompatible with the Qubes window manager.

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