Qvm-template-gui broken?

R 4.1. All latest updates, testing-security.
qvm-template-gui launches.

Expected result:
List of all isntalled & available templates, with ‘upgrade/remove/reinstall’ options on left handside.

Actual result:
Installed templates only, only ‘Extra’ or ‘remove’ options on left handside.

Your dom0 update qube has to be based upon fedora-34 otherwise this will not work currently.

Thank you for this swift solution.

Not working on fedora-35. Fedora-35 has been all-round buggy on and off qubes, not a good trend.

I’ve been using fedora-35 since last November without a single issue - even qvm-template-gui runs smoothly. If something doesn’t work under 35 and it works under 34, you should diff installed packages and install missing ones in 35, and I could bet it would work.