Qvm-open-in-vm error in 4.1

qvm-open-in-vm cannot open pdf of size 746MB in other VM. I am using Qubes 4.1 updated to latest stable & security testing. File of size 240 MB can be opened. Don’t know how to get logs. Can someone else test & report on Github. I have 8 GB RAM machine and using Qubes for 4 years.

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Is there enough free storage for the new file to be stored? ( df -h in target vm)

You can find logs in journalctl -f. This for example indicates, that there is not enough storage space:

process_io.c:187:process_io: vchan connection closed early (fds: 4 11 -1, status: -1 -1)

You can also check the default storage size of your disposable VM and then to increase it.

Remember to increase it in corresponding templates

But how much is given to the dispVM?

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