[qvm-create-windows-qube] Is the download-windows.sh cannot be use most of the time now?

It seems that Microsoft now stopped allowing direct downloads of Win10 now (although I am not sure), the download-windows.sh script can download Win7/8 only, are the users of this windows-tool have to download the Win10’s ISOs manually now?

Yes I manually download them, verify hash if possible, qvm-move then into my installers vault, then later qvm-copy them to the right subdir in the windows-mgmt VM before creating/deploying VMs. You might also need to remove any modified ISOs with the same pathname in the other subdir in windows-mgmt.


Got it. Did you get rid off handing personal information from Microsoft’s request? If yes, how did you do that? Or download from other sources?

I just used

Neither asked for personal information.

I think the server trial ISOs do request personal info, however.


Yes, server, enterprise and ltsc version ISOs need personal information. Btw thanks for your information.

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Does qvm-create-windows-qube work for you on 4.1 apart from needing to download the .iso manually?

There are several issues that suggest that it doesn’t, at least for when there are no Fedora qubes.