Quick poll about freeze during system update

Have you experienced at least one system freeze (no reaction to mouse and keyboard input) during update? … and which template is your management dispvm based on? (fedora is the default)

  • no - fedora
  • no - fedora-minimal
  • no - debian
  • no - debian-minimal
  • no - other
  • yes - fedora
  • yes - fedora-minimal
  • yes - debian
  • yes - debian-minimal
  • yes - other

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How often does a freeze during update happen?

  • always
  • sometimes
  • rarely
  • never

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When do you run updates?

  • when the tray icon shows there are updates available
  • regularly even when the tray icon doesn’t show updates

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How do you run updates?

  • GUI
  • command line

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I set the auto close for this topic to August 1st 2022 … in 12 days. The reason for this is that the poll is meant to be a snapshot in time (right now). I do hope a few more will take the poll.

In my own case I have changed the template for my management dvm from debian-11-minimal based to the stock fedora-36 and not observed any further freezes (so far). Before that I used the debian-11-minimal based one for a pretty long time without freezes too until it started happening very recently. … so I hope to narrow in on something here. Probably an instance of the “health warning” for minimal templates: know what you are doing! :wink:

However, above I see at least one person also experiencing an issue with a fedora based management dvm. It would be nice to see some more answers and if a pattern develops. Thank you for your consideration.

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