Questions regarding Qubes + Whonix' anonymity

I want to maximize my privacy and become anonymous. Therefore, I got myself Qubes + Whonix and I always use Tor. Regarding my anonymity with this setup, I’m having two short questions:

  1. I have heard that browser extensions for Tor browser endanger my anonymity. Is this always the case? I would eventually install MetaMask (the most popular browser crypto wallet). It would be the only extension I use. At worst, two wallets but definitely only wallet(s).

1.1 If it would be too critical, is there really a better alternative? I definitely need a browser wallet.

  1. I have also heard you shouldn’t maximize your Tor browser window. Can I still increase the size as long as I don’t maximize it? The standard size is too small for me tbh.
    My screen size is also a standard, so it’s very common. How critical would be maximizing?

Thank you! :slight_smile: