QubesOS on black screen

Hello everybody, I downloaded Qubes OS and flashed into a USB but when I try to boot it stays on a black screen with cursor I did everything recommended in other forums but same result, I have a X1 Carbon gen 9 with Intel Core i7 and intel iRISxe graphics
I disabled secure boot and activate VT-x and VT-d still same result almost everything and no result at all.

Someone have some advice ? If so thank you and let me know

Like Rufus, old BIOS, FAT32, default partition size?

Not even a dracut timeout, just a black screen?

Yeah just a black screen and the mouse cursor, I’ve heard many having problems installing qubes with these new Thinkpads models, I try to boot others Linux OS and they work just fine but when I try to boot QubesOS it just give me a black screen

have you try with qubes 4.1 ?

I will try it but it still not a stable version of QubesOS

that’s okay, for me it’s stable even with current testing, and it would ‘officially’ stable in 1-2 months maybe.

Once the stable version is out can we upgrade it from there ? Or we have to install the stable version all over again?

And is qubes-whonix available on 4.1.0 ?

from what i see, there’s some of problem upgrading from 4.0 to 4.1, it’s recommended to backup and restore (vm) rather than upgrading.

whonix is available.

I will test out 4.1 later, thanks for the support !!

Update : I’m running QubesOS 4.1.0 just fine it booted up just fine ! It still don’t support the previous version4.0, but I hope the stable version of 4.1 will come out soon because it’s running just fine

glad that it worked, i think rather than wondering about ‘officially’ stable statement, better try to learn qubes os first. even in stable you ‘may’ will do reinstall again for clean setup, so it’s better to experiment first :slight_smile:

Ha I’ve been using Qubes OS for years now, but I was just trying to boot it up on this laptop but thanks

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Does anyone know how to make the qubes Vms icons bigger and the bar when you open them everything looks tiny I can barely read them, I already change the letter size System Tools>Appearance but when I open a VM or the actual VMs icons are extremely small ?