Qubes won't sleep or shutdown (troubleshooting)

After a few hours of using Qubes OS 4.1 today, I notice that it wouldn’t go to sleep when I closed the lid, even though that worked fine several times a few hours before. I also noticed that reboot and shutdown would kill the X session and take me back to the greeter, but not shutdown or reboot. Tried “shutdown -r now” and “shutdown -h now” as root in Dom0 to no avail. Eventually just ran a few “sync” and turned off the computer. When I restarted, everything was perfectly fine again.

Has anyone seen this before? If so, do you know what it could be? If not, is there anything I can provide to better troubleshoot this issue?

I’ve had this issue as well since two weeks perhaps. Haven’t looked into it too much, though.

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No issues (yet) here - running 4.1 since the end of last year! System is up-to-date

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