Qubes Won't Recognize Keyboard After Restart

I did it, rebooted notebook but Qubes stopped recognizing my keyboard so I can’t unencrypt my pc.

What to do?

probably you set up sys-usb which lead to your usb keyboard can’t be used before sys-usb is started and passed to dom0, to fix usb issue read this USB qubes | Qubes OS

and you probably use qubes r4.0 stable, well just use 4.1 even though it’s still in testing, but i think it’s stable.

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Thank you, I found that I need to remove rd.qubes.hide_all_usb I could unencrypt disk but then I saw that sys usb started and it turned off my keyboard so now I can’t login to my pc.

are you using legacy / uefi ? if you use 4.0 uefi i suggest to reinstall, well you can fix it but it maybe ‘complicated’ for you.

if using bios, edit kernel option in grub menu, then add qubes.skip_autostart. so your kernel option would be ............ rhgb quiet qubes.skip_autostart then f10 to boot, don’t forget to delete rd.qubes.hide_all_usb



Worked!!! Thank you. Should I now enable something that this skipped or is it fine to let it like it is?

it’s fine, but read the above link for ‘how to’ so you don’t locked your usb keyboard again when decrypting disk.

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Okay, Thank you very much much!

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Hello, please I still have issues with it. Now I am in grup loader but my keyboard doesn’t work there.

Now, for no reason it works. Idk, sorry for writting to early.