Qubes Windows Tools Makes Win7 VM Slow


Ditto title- upon installing Qubes Windows Tools onto an updated Windows 7 VM, processes get much slower.
Programs take much longer to open than without QWT, audio is crackly, network takes minutes to load (ethernet), cursor skips and websites like YouTube fail to load or are very slow.

“qrexec_installed” and “guiagent_installed” do not appear when using the “qvm-prefs” in dom0, though all QWT functions I have tested work correctly, just very slowly.

I have reinstalled both Windows 7 itself and QWT, with the same results.

I’ve dedicated 4096 MB, 8 VCPUs and 60GB of storage to this VM and I’m running an Intel 7700k processor with 16GB of RAM on Qubes 4.1.

I appreciate any help. Cheers.

What version of QWT and sourced from where?


Hi Brendan.

This is the same user as author- foolishly forgot my login :wink:

Anyway, I’m using version of QWT, downloaded and checksum verified from “Contents/windows-tools41.md at master · Qubes-Community/Contents · GitHub


Windows was borderline unusable at this state, so I uninstalled QWT.

However, after going through the wizard to uninstall QWT and restarting, Windows no longer boots and claims “qrexec-daemon.c:125:sigchld_parent_handler: Connect to VM Failed”

Windows did start in debug mode, but crashes occasionally with a similar error. Hence, I restored Windows to the point just after I installed QWT.

Unsure if any of that points to what may be causing my QWT issues, but I’m at a loss with how to fix them.