Qubes-Windows-Tools and it's modes

Hi again peeps,

Several issues here…
All versions are Professional, fully registered with testsigning turned on.

I have Windows 7 qube and have installed the tools. (

  1. I can’t get the initial display screen to go away.
  2. It’s not able to go into seamless mode, just keeps crashing.
  3. I can’t attach drives or other devices from dom0 or other guests to the VM.

The Windows 10 qube…

  1. I install the tools, it says they are all bad drivers. (
  2. I tell it to install anyway, it gives many warnings.
  3. Restart the guest and it goes into recovery mode and removes the xen storage driver because it’s a bad driver.
  4. I can’t attach drives or other devices from dom0 or other guests to the VM.
  5. Can’t get Seamless Mode to work in this one either.

Windows 7 VM upgraded to Windows 10…

  1. Doesn’t have anything installed driver wise, video or anything.
  2. Can’t attach devices or drives.
  3. Nothing in it works, but does not complain about the drivers.

Really need some help with this one please.

Any recommendations and suggestions that are good would be greatly appreciated.


Tagging herr @GWeck because he’s a Qubes/Windows beast.

I’m afraid I cannot help much here because I have not seen these effects at my installation. But perhaps the following tips might help a bit:

  • For Windows 7, the tools version is, too. Earlier versions of the tools, like, won’t work under Qubes R4.1, which is probably the case as you describe it. For tools installation, please see Installing and Using Qubes Windows Tools in Qubes R4.1.

  • Windows Tools require Windows 7 SP1 with all updates; there are updates to the servicing stack which were published after SP1, and if these updates are not installed prior to QWT installation, the installation will fail.

  • In order to attach devices you probably have to install the Chipset_Driver_X2NF0_WN_2.1.39.0_A03.EXE driver after QWT installation.

  • For Windows 10, try an installation without the Xen disk and network drivers, just including the base drivers. In my system, installation works with version 21H2 and earlier versions; I did not test it with version 22H2, but upgrade from 21H2 to 22H2, with QWT installed, works.

  • Windows 7 VM upgraded to Windows 10 probably won’t work at all.

Perhaps @jevank could help here?

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