Qubes + Whonix VMs: Fingerprints

I am using several VMs in Qubes. All of them are Whonix and I use Tor browser.

I want to be anonymous on some of them (mainly to authorities).

Could it threaten my OPSEC if I identify myself on some of the VMs, if the other ones should be anonymous?

I think Tor browser mitigates fingerprints, but maybe it is viewable that there are similarities regarding the identical hardware or something. Not exactly sure how well Tor browser does the job.

Also, JavaScript could be a potential harm. In the anonymous ones, my security level is set to “Safer”, but on the non-anonymous ones sometimes to “Standard”.

I am never using more than one VM at the same time.

not always because VM fingerprinting
but it have less chance to identify multiple vm because

also, i just learn that there are different between normal whonix and qubes whonix that can be identifiable but since you don’t let them know that part of the screen, i’ii just mention this

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I wonder if vm fingerprint applies if you have two whonix gw templates. They would have different fingerprints.

it applies if you have two whonix gw templates as well
but it will need more skill and time
they also can fingerprint there vm in other way too