Qubes veracrypt fde

i want to use veracrypt on my qubes ssd. i have searched for information about this but have not found another person who has spoken on the concept. i am experienced with veracrypt on more popular and less complex distributions such as windows, ubuntu, etcetera. after reading the qubes documentation i saw that no third party application should be installed in dom0 making it difficult for me to imagine how i could complete this project without installing veracrypt in dom0. i understand qubes offer luks encryption but i would still prefer to explore the use of veracrypt because it is my disk encryption application preference. any contributions will be helpful. thx.

That’s a good rule of thumb.

It’s up to you to make compromises based on your threat model. But in this case, you should really ask yourself what you are trying to achieve.

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my preferance is to use veracrypt instead of luks. are you aware of how i would go about this installation? i have prepared a download of veracrypt onto a usb drive to be transported to my usb-qube. from this point onward i am stuck. i would like to use the veracrypt gui for setting up fde not the cli.

Having a usb-qubes is irrelevant if you want to FDE with veracrypt. You
need to slipstream veracrypt in to the Fedora installer, so that you
can set up the FDE, decrypt it, and then install in to the decrypted
Easier - install to disk, no encryption. Veracrypt encrypt the target
disk - decrypt, and cp the installation to the target. Other than fixing
up blkids, it should be straightforward.

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very interesting concept. when you say cp installation what is this? i am sorry my english is not excellent. also not understanding what you have said about blkids. thx for your contributions.