[qubes-users] Windows HVM and USB 3.0 PCI Controller


My Xen foo is lacking, perhaps someone can share.

Assigning my the PCI device for my USB 3.0 controller to my Windows HVM
works fine.

Even after installing the Intel USB 3.0 drivers in the HVM, the USB
controller shows up correctly in the Device Manager.

However: no USB devices work when plugged in.

I've tested with a USB3.0 external HDD, and plain memory stick.

I figure the PCI passthrough should work regardless of USB 3.0, but
maybe not?

Does anyone know if it's possible to use USB devices on a 3.0 controller
in a Windows HVM in Qubes' Xen version?


Should work... Check if you've assigned correct device(s) - check dom0 dmesg -
perhaps you've multiple-function USB controller.