[qubes-users] Temporary failure in name resolution: follow up

[qubes-users] Temporary failure in name resolution happens for me after upgrading to fedora-35. The workaround specified in the ticket is not clear to me.

Are you sure you have the same issue?
How did you get your fedora-35 template?
Just installed in dom0?
Or manually upgraded old fedora-34 template to Fedora 35?
The linked issue is fixed in stable repo for fedora-35 template and if you just installed fedora-35 template in dom0 then it shouldn’t be the issue for you.

No, it could be a different problem showing an identical error message

Since I am fairly new, I follow the docs very closely. I have two bare metal installation of QubeOS next to each other: Laptop and Workstation; both installations have been set up almost identical. EDIT: both faces this same issue.

Yes, according to the docs.

No, I do not think so.

I use ping www.example.com for testing in

  1. dom0 fails
  2. template: fedora-35 important for snap installation fails
  3. app vm: personal works

Dom0 is the most trusted domain on Qubes OS, and for this reason we decided to design Qubes in such a way that Dom0 is not connected to any network.

Dom0 secure updates | Qubes OS

  • Only install packages from trusted sources – e.g. from the pre-configured Fedora repositories. All those packages are signed by Fedora, and we expect that at least the package’s installation scripts are not malicious. This is enforced by default (at the firewall qube level), by not allowing any networking connectivity in the default template, except for access to the Fedora repos.

Templates | Qubes OS


EDIT: understood! That is what I did. Everything works as expected.

The good thing is that the snaps in the app-cube do not have to be reinstalled on an update but just can be based on the new template. Great adavantage! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you are lazy/have no time, you can install those in a StandaloneVM, but you will loose some features of Qubes. Could be a temporal workaround.

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