[qubes-users] Support for multi-touch trackpads.


In shopping for a laptop that has a CPU supporting vt-d, explicitly to run Qubes, I've run into a troubling trend. Almost all consumer laptops over a few hundred dollars come with these multi-touch trackpads that have no distinct buttons. Rather, you press the trackpad itself to click.

This presents me with a problem in Qubes. As observed elsewhere, if more than one finger is detected on the trackpad, it will have no movement at all. What this means is that click-and-drag does not work in Qubes with these laptops. If I want to move or resize a window (a very very frequently task), I need to have an external mouse plugged in.

Now, it is technically possible to press down with one finger on the track pad, click, and then drag. But this requires a significant amount of force from your finger as you drag it across while keeping the click down. It's difficult and impractical.

Is there a way to work around this in Qubes, or are there plans to include the necessary drivers in an upcoming version?