[qubes-users] Safest way to pipe JSON data from an AppVM to Dom0

Hi there,

I'm curious to what would be an acceptable method of accessing JSON data in a AppVM from Dom0. I understand the general consensus is it is a risk to do so, but I have some conky's on my desktop which need data from some AppVM's.

My current method is this:

`qvm-run --pass-io --user user --no-autostart an-app-vm 'cat /dev/shm/somedata.json | tr -cd [:print:] | jq -c .' | tr -cd [:print:] | jq -c .`

Here I pipe the contents of `/dev/shm/somedata.json` through `tr -cd [:print:]` to remove all non-printable characters then `jq -c .` which if the input is JSON, will output JSON. I do this from within an AppVM and also in Dom0.

Should I be piping through anything else to minimise risk? Sometimes if I know the data is going to be a certain size I pipe it though `head` also but can't really think of anything else that would be helpful.

Kind regards,