[qubes-users] Resizing storage in Windows 10 StandaloneVMs


At the moment I am still happy with my freshly configured Windows 10 StandaloneVM. But now I want to resize it from 30 GB to 60 GB. I have read the documentation on, link: https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/resize-disk-image/ . However Windows 10 StandaloneVMs are not explicitly mentioned. Therefore to make it absolutely sure I am asking about best practice on how to resize Windows 10 StandaloneVMs?

All help is appreciated.

Thank you.

Best Knut

This should work like the documentation tells. But I would only change the count for “System Storage Max Size”, cause Windows don’t have really any use of the “Private storage…”. The latter just would create/increase a second partition, which Windows usually leaves blank.

Cheers Steffen