[qubes-users] Re: External Fully Encrypted SSD Drive. What do you think?

Hello “load…@gmail.com”,

Just been perusing the email conversation so far with regard to your enquiry. Interesting thoughts. Regarding writing a full guide, I have produced some documentation on End-user Computer Security on the Wikibooks site here. I would like it to be a general free repository of knowledge, guidance, and wisdom. If you are able to add to it in regard to your full guide, that may be quite helpful for the general community–even just posting a link to your guide there, would probably be helpful.

In respect of which encrypted SSD drive to use, I have no suggestions. However, the thought has occurred to me that you might get more security if you load Qubes to RAM from a DVD drive. Some info on why this may be the case, is shown here. Not sure whether it is feasible though, and your “encrypted SSD” plan might be sufficient for your purposes.

Kind regards,

Mark Fernandes