[qubes-users] rdesktop vs AppVM internal IP address


I just noticed if I connected to a Win2008 remote desktop server, on
the server I (and any administrator) can see my AppVM internal IP
address (and hostname) instead of my 'external' IP/hostname.

Not think if it is Qubes related, because it is actually a simple NAT
scenario - but the fact if my session IP on the server is actually
'wrong' is not sounds good.

Any noticed this and/or knows any workaround to hide my internap IP/hostname?

The client I'm using:

rdesktop: A Remote Desktop Protocol client.
Version 1.7.1. Copyright (C) 1999-2011 Matthew Chapman et al.
See http://www.rdesktop.org/ for more information.


Perhaps it's the client that sense the IP that it sees (and assumes it
the actual outgoing IP, because it never heard about NAT)?