[qubes-users] Qubes-specific Thunderbird "Archive" Error?

This is probably a long-shot, but I've run into a Thunderbird bug that
prevents me from archiving messages either by hitting the "A" key or by
clicking Message --> Archive. (I can still right click --> Archive the

Each attempt to archive the message by one of the first two methods does
nothing from the user's point of view and causes the following message
to be printed in Thunderbird's Error Console:

  An error occurred executing the cmd_archive command: TypeError:
  getIdentityForHeader(...) is null

A search for the first part of this error message turned up this bug
which appears to have been similar but distinct, and which appears to
have been resolved over two years ago:

Searches for relevant variations of "TypeError:
getIdentityForHeader(...) is null" turn up *zero* results, which makes
me wonder if this problem is so rare that it affects only Qubes users,
which in turn made me wonder if it could possibly be related to the
Qubes Attachments 1.2.4 Thunderbird extension.

I have exactly the same problem - after some time "archive" stops working and
I have to restart thunderbird to have it working again. I observed that it
breaks just after archiving multiple gpg-signed/encrypted emails, but this can
be coincidence.
I had never time to investigate this issue, but indeed this can be somehow
related to some Qubes-specific component.
It would be great to have some reliable reproduce steps...

Did you tried to disable Qubes Attachments addon?

The problem persists for me even after I restart Thunderbird or restart
the whole VM, so I'm not sure whether we're experiencing the same bug.
Does your Thunderbird Error Console give the same message?

Disabling the Qubes Attachments addon does not seem to affect anything.
I still see the same error message showing up in the console.

There is an easy way to find out: Options -> Addons -> Qubes Attachments
-> Disable.

Funky bug!


Oops - sorry for redundant message - I didn't refresh my thread list before
replying to this one.

FWIW I don't see this bug, but then again I don't use OpenPGP much - my
social network doesn't have the skills or inclination to use encrypted
email :frowning:


No problem, but I actually notice it happening in a VM in which I don't
use OpenPGP at all.

Actually, it seems to happen with Blogs & News Feeds messages more often
than with emails, so perhaps it has something to do with that.