[qubes-users] Qubes OS 4.1-rc1 has been released!

Dear Qubes Community,

After many years of work, the team is pleased to announce the first
release candidate for Qubes 4.1!

Qubes 4.1 includes several major new features, each of which is
explained in depth in its own article:

- Qubes Architecture Next Steps: The GUI Domain [01]
- Qubes Architecture Next Steps: The New Qrexec Policy System [02]
- New Gentoo templates and maintenance infrastructure [03]
- Reproducible builds for Debian: a big step forward [04]

This release candidate also includes numerous other improvements and
bug fixes, which are listed in the release notes [05] and in the issue
tracker [06].

Finally, Qubes 4.1 features the following updated default components:

- Xen 4.14
- Fedora 32 in dom0
- Fedora 34 template
- Debian 11 template
- Whonix 16 Gateway and Workstation templates
- Linux kernel 5.10

Qubes 4.1-rc1 is available on the downloads [07] page.

How to test Qubes 4.1-rc1


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